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​Today’s youth face challenges that often leave them discouraged and making decisions that hurt their futures. Poverty, low self-esteem, fatherless and single parent homes, bullying, teen pregnancy, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, and lack of motivation are just a few of the many challenges youth deal with daily. Many do not understand how to express their feelings, manage these challenges, and overcome their obstacles to achieve success.

The S.O. What! Foundation offers programs that provide hope, love, support, encouragement, opportunities, exposure, and training to help equip youth to deal with their challenges, make good decisions, and create prosperous their futures.

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The S.O. What! Foundation’s 

S.T.E.P.-O.U.T. program helps youth STEP OUT of their comfort zones, STEP OUT of their challenging situations, and STEP OUT of their own way to live their best lives. The program provides opportunities and experiences to equip youth with tools and life skills to prepare them to overcome obstacles, eliminate excuses, and achieve success regardless of the challenges they face.  

The program includes the Summer Experience summer camp, quarterly workshops, the Washington, DC Exposure trip (flight), S.O. What! Awards and Scholarship Soiree, on-going mentoring, and community partner support.

Literacy, Life Skills, and Character Education Curriculum Initiatives

Thousands of youth have become stronger readers and learned to say, “SO WHAT!” to their challenges and pursue their dreams despite their obstacles, trauma, and any adversity they face through this unique, trauma-informed curriculum that combines academics and social and emotional learning. 

The S.O. What! Foundation makes this curriculum and workbooks available to  organizations  that serve youth regardless of their ability to pay.


The S.O. What! Foundation will offer scholarships to S.T.E.P.-O.U.T. Program participants as well as other youth determined to succeed in spite of their trauma and challenges. 

* S.T.E.P. - O.U.T. Program Scholarships- 

Awarded to graduating students in the foundation's S.T.E.P.-O.U.T. program

*Curtis Owens Memorial Scholarship- Awarded to students vocational educational opportunities

*Bertha Rogers Looney & Summer Owens S.O. What! Success Scholarshp

Awarded to students with identified challenges at the University of Memphis 


Exposure and Opportunities for Challenged Youth

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